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Replace and connect Samsung Galaxy Buds earphone successfully!

If you have damaged or lost a Samsung Galaxy Buds earphone, you can easily replace it. How to do that for the different models (Buds, Buds Live, Buds2, Buds Pro, Buds2 Pro etc.) is explained here.

First, of course, you need to identify your Buds model correctly.

Then you can buy a replacement e.g. here and easily pair your old earphone with the newly purchased one. Pairing is necessary to adjust the volume and delay between both earphones. Follow the steps below to pair your earphones.

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Step 1: Check the orientation of each earphone, the newly purchased earphone and the original earphone, and insert them correctly into the corresponding slots in the charging case.

Insert both Buds

Step 2: Touch and hold both touch surfaces of the earphones for at least 7 seconds. The battery indicator of the earbuds will flash green and then return to the initial light. Then the earbuds are paired.

Couple Buds

Step 3: Once the earphones are paired, you can reconnect them to your compatible devices.

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